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What is IM-Home?

IM-Home is the Interactive Metronome (IM) for home-use. IM has been used for years to help you reach your brain and body’s full potential and now you do not need to go to the clinic to get the benefits. A specialist works with you to help you complete our research-based program and gives you the tools for continued success.

Looking for a DRUG FREE ADHD Treatment?

Many parents and adults are looking for ADHD treatments without medication. IM-Home has been at the forefront of non drug ADHD treatment. Backed by Scientific Research the IM-Home program is the only ADHD Brain Training device that is capable of actually rewiring your brain. Resetting your brain’s internal timing mechanism has been shown to drastically improve attention, coordination and the ability to process information more efficiently. Endorsed by medical professionals and ADHD specialists, the IM-Home program is literally the “at home” version of Interactive Metronome’s flagship clinical device, used by over 20,000 doctors and medical specialists for over 10 years.