Interactive Metronome (IM)

Interactive Metronome Therapy(IM) is a DRUG FREE brain training technology which is effective at turning on parts of the brain used in timing, planning, sequencing, focusing and attending. IM is used as a motor assessment and treatment tool by over 15,000 therapists, athletic trainers, educators,psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists in over 5000 clinics globally.

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and the beat goes on…
Baseball One two three
beat the time…time the beat
it’s all about timing…

Welcome to The Brain Train

The brain is a really complicated organ. Your thoughts and plans, your hearing and seeing and walking around, even your breathing and bodily functions are all controlled in the brain. It works with electro-chemical processes nobody fully understands.

It's astounding how much is going on in there. And like any complicated piece of machinery, it's a challenge to keep it running at optimal levels (peak performance?), and when something goes wrong it is really difficult to repair. There are no replacement parts!

Just as a metronome is used by musicians and others to help perfect their timing, Interactive Metronome is a controlled environment in which a person trained in the techniques helps another person become better aware of his own neural processes. The timing and cues evoke crucial responses in the trainee, and the feedback is instantaneous. By concentrating on one aspect at a time -- such as hand-to-eye coordination -- the motor skills are perfected or improved, the brain is stimulated and its functioning enhanced, and this carries over into other areas.

How it works...

When you send a signal from your brain for any action to occur, that signal is transmitted through an intensely organized chemical /electrical pathway . As the action is repeated, so is the chemical signal. Repetition makes the chemical triggers begin building a “path” if the existing pathway is not functioning at its optimum.

Using headphones and tapping a sensor with either your hand or foot, as required, the trainee will perform simple exercises repeatedly, attempting to match a tone exactly per the beat heard in the earphones. This action sends the chemical signal over and over while the trainee is concentrating intensely. The ability to focus and attend to task is strengthened while the brain is “firing and wiring”! Scientists and therapists have witnessed wide ranging benefits to many other areas of mental and physical improvement as a result of this practice.